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The Sunnah Guy, also known as Shoaib Hussain, stands as a multifaceted individual within the Islamic community, serving as an Islamic speaker, influencer, filmmaker, youth worker, and entrepreneur. His unwavering dedication revolves around aiding the next generation in discovering and understanding their religion. At present, he boasts a substantial following, exceeding a million followers and subscribers collectively. Notably, he holds the position of the number 1 trending Muslim on TikTok and Instagram, a testament to his significant impact on social media platforms.

The core of TSG’s mission lies in propagating Islam in the West, aiming to guide and support the emerging generation. His involvement in Islamic work traces back to 2011, demonstrating a longstanding commitment to the community. Actively participating in his local community, he regularly delivers reminders, conducts classes, and organizes events to foster a deeper understanding of Islamic principles.

TSG has garnered recent recognition for his role as the director and producer of the first-ever UK-based Islamic film. This groundbreaking production saw its premiere in cinemas across the nation, marking a significant milestone in the representation of Islamic narratives in mainstream media.

In his pursuit of knowledge, TSG engages in unofficial studies with Abu Rumaysah, a student of Abu Abdurrahman and Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad. Abu Rumaysah, in addition to his role as a translator of multiple Islamic publications, also serves as the chairman of the Wycombe Islamic Society in High Wycombe.

In summary, The Sunnah Guy emerges as a prominent figure, actively contributing to the dissemination of Islamic teachings and values. His impact extends beyond the digital realm, with notable achievements in Islamic media, education, and community outreach. TSG’s multifaceted approach reflects a holistic commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Islam, particularly among the younger generation in the Western context.

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