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Yes. However as we have a large variety of people who join our tours, with different tastes and specifications, we do not provide the Halal Food ourselves as we have found that most people like to choose their own food. Therefore we just recommend the nearby Halal Food places that are available

There will always be the opportunity to be able to perform prayers and we will provide you with the local prayer times. However it is not forced upon everyone on our tours to join in on prayer, it is personal choice

As we have huge amounts of travellers who join our tours from across the globe, it can become very complicated to arrange flights to match everyone’s timings. Therefore we provide all other facilities including transport, breakfast, accommodation, site visits and more in our packages but we do not offer flights

There is no minimum age to join our tours. However if you are not an adult (18+) must be accompanied by an adult.

Yes you will be provided with full transport and transfers equipped with full air conditioning from the moment you arrive at the designated airport up until the moment you return.

Our various tour packages have different accommodation. For example some of our packages offer you the chance to stay in our very own private secluded Villa which is located in Granada, Spain, in the heart of Andalucia. On our various tour packages you also have the option to stay in 3 or 4* hotels.

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