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I have, Alhamdulilah, been on so many different journeys & tours, but I honestly say this with all sincerity that really this has been the best journey of mine. A very emotional and overwhelming experience. In terms of morals & lessons from history, this one week has been mind blowing for ME!


World Renowned Muslim Scholar

I have had the biggest blessing of being on this trip. It has been such a remarkable experience, I can’t even find the words yet I am a poet and a writer so that is very rare! I feel like I have been asleep for the past 22 years and I have just woken up! I feel an immense responsibility to tell the world, why do we not know about this?


Poet, Writer & Speaker

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          Start to finish, the Heritage Tour and Moroccan tour were incredible experiences that I’d recommend to anyone. In Spain, Islamic history was brought to life by excellent teachers and guides who were able to expand our knowledge, broaden our vision and touch our hearts with their narratives. We were shown many aspects of Spain’s history, including proud moments that inspired us and painful moments that humbled and cautioned us. We heard stories about the day to day lives of Muslims in Islamic Spain, from the very rich to the poor, and about what happened to their descendants; the stories strengthened our faith in the vitality of Islam and also reminded us to be grateful for the blessing of Islam. Andalucian Routes was able to offer this experience to us through their knowledge of Islamic history, familiarity with Islamic heritage sites and deep connections to Spanish Muslims. Hard to believe that any other tour company could offer the same experience, by the Grace of God. In Morocco, we were shown Islamic heritage sites and taken through famous cities and markets. as well as to the Atlas mountains, which were stunning – not to be missed. Feels like we were given a true taste of Morocco with this tour. We thoroughly enjoyed it! The entire trip was smooth and seamless; Andalucian Routes ensured that we had amazing hotels, food and transport. Fellow travellers and I were astounded at the way in which it was organized and presented. Andalucian Routes knows the art of travel!
         Salam Alaikum to everyone, It was a wonderful experience in Al Andalusia with Tariq Brother. Amazing place and highly recommended to everyone, who is interested (Regardless religion and ethnicity) to know about height and decline of a civilization should visit there. Islamic Spain is a lesson which effectively changed my previous understanding with Islam. I have promised myself to visit this place once more in near future Insha Allah. This place have spirituality which makes you feel like home. I would strongly recommend to Muslim parents to send their kids in youth leadership program. At the end thanks to Tariq brother and his team to put their efforts in this great cause. Many wishes from Germany
          This tour has definitely been the most educational and incredible experience of my life so far. I had an absolutely amazing time and learned so much. The tour was so incredibly organized and professional. They took excellent care of us and arranged for wonderful accommodations in Spain and in Morocco. I truly enjoyed every single moment of this tour, from the informative presentations to the historical sights, to the wonderful people that I was able to meet. The way we were able to study and experience our Islamic heritage was unbelievable. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this amazing journey. Brother Tariq was a wonderful tour guide, and was honestly the most patient man I have ever met. He was able to guide us throughout both countries with ease and answer any questions we had. I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to everyone! It is an amazing journey that everyone should experience.

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Me and my sister went for the September tour, as our first holiday in Europe. Got to say it was memorable. We went to many beautiful places and we met wonderful people on the tour group which was amazing. We also met the Muslim community of the towns we visited which was awesome. Our tour guide was very kind and showed us around to all the cool places as well, even when we were not doing the tour and went to hang out afterwards. I would recommend this organisation to everyone, it was not regrettable!


Very well arranged ! Our guide and driver was very efficient and punctual. He was very accommodating to our needs and a safe and excellent driver. His planning covered everything we wanted to see. He made our trip very enjoyable and comfortable. He also added a personal touch by taking us to a friend’s farm where we had delicious home cooked food and warm hospitality.


Traveling with Andalucian Routes was such a wonderful experience. I came in with very little knowledge of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with all of the activities planned out for us. I enjoyed learning about Islamic history from the locals and exploring all of the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Andalucia.


Life Changing Experiences

Life Changing Experiences

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