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Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick is a renowned historian, social activist, and religious leader with a diverse heritage including African, Native American, Caribbean, and Mohawk ancestry. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and raised in Boston. After earning a bachelor’s degree from the Islamic University of Madinah in 1979, he became the first American to receive an Ijazah from the university. He later earned a master’s degree and a PhD from the University of Toronto, where his thesis focused on the life and writings of West African scholar, warrior, and social activist Sheikh ‘Uthman Dan Fodio.

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick has been leading educational heritage tours with Halal Getaways for over 13 years, providing travelers with the opportunity to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of destinations such as Spain, Turkey, and Morocco while also adhering to the principles of Islam. These tours offer a truly unique and enriching experience, allowing participants to visit important landmarks and sites, learn about the local history and culture, and engage in educational lectures and discussions led by  Shaykh Quick.

As one of the world’s leading Muslim scholars, Shaykh Quick brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to these tours, making them a valuable opportunity for learning and personal growth. There are many benefits to participating in these tours, including the chance to learn from a leading scholar, explore new cultures, and have a fulfilling and meaningful travel experience.

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